Please be aware this site is still under construction and review, and may not reflect updated or current status information. This page is intended to be a resource of estimated time frames for General Plan updates, and does not include all jurisdictions at this time. We are working to provide updates in the near future, so please contact your municipality to ensure data accuracy and for the latest information on their General Plan status.

General Plans

2020 El Mirage General Plan

The City recently completed their draft plan with community online and public outreach surveys. It is now in 60-day review until March 13th; please send any comments through their site portal or contact us if you would like to help contribute.

2020 Gilbert General Plan

The 60-day review period has ended, but you can still join the Planning Commission at their next upcoming public hearing. They will be having a preliminary review of the final draft this Wednesday (12/18).

Fountain Hills General Plan 2020

The Town just recently conducted their stakeholders meeting & community Open House this past November. Expected 60-day review  is currently being drafted.

City of Peoria

The City has recently concluded their series of open houses and community meetings. The Plan is expected to be put on the Fall 2020 ballot for ratification by the voters.

Apache Junction 2020 General Plan

The Town has concluded their community meetings, but 60-day review period is still open until 1/6/2020.

General Plans

Members of the AALC regularly collaborate with stakeholders to work toward the inclusion of healthy community policies into public policy plans such as municipal general plans and county comprehensive plans. Below are plans that we have collaborated with planners on and provided detailed comments on.

Potential General Plan Updates:

  • City of Litchfield Park--last adopted 5/2010 | TBD
  • Town of Paradise Valley--last adopted 3/13/2012 | Due for update by by 2022
  • City of Avondale--last adopted: 4/2/2012 | Due for update by 2022*
  • Town of Carefree--last adopted: 11/1/2012 | Due for update by 2022
  • City of Surprise--last adopted 3/14/13 | Due for update by 2023
  • Town of Wickenburg--last adopted 4/1/13| Due for update by 2023

Follow-Up Plans:

  • Town of Cave Creek--last update not ratified in 8/28/18 election | TBD
  • City of Scottsdale--last adopted in 10/30/01;rat. 3/2002; ammended Dec.2018 | TBD

Recent Updates:

  • City of Buckeye--adopted 8/28/18*
  • Town of Gila Bend 2026--adopted 2/28/17 (ammended 5/12/17)
  • Town of Queen Creek--adopted 9/20/17*

  • City of Tempe--last adopted 5/2014
  • City of Mesa--last adopted 6/16/14*
  • Town of Youngtown--last adopted 9/4/14
  • City of Goodyear--last adopted 11/4/14*
  • City of Tolleson--last adopted 11/2014
  • City of Phoenix--last adopted 3/4/15*
  • City of Chandler--last adopted 4/14/16*
  • City of Glendale--last adopted 9/30/16

- Town of Guadalupe--Population below General Plan requirement criteria.