Our Focus & What We Do

At AALC, we focus on providing the technical expertise and analysis from our network of partners throughout the valley to improve and implement best practice research and techniques for better, healthier communities in Arizona. We aim to serve as a compository of leading practices and act as a knowledge database to help navigate resources of national to local events and training to get involved.

Health in All Planning

Proper planning and policies that shape investments and implementation of our environments are critical in supporting healthy community design that allows for the reduction of health disparities, and results in more equitable communities where all can live and thrive to their fullest potential.

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Healthy Placemaking

Understanding the connections and elements of healthy community design is important for creating communities and enhancing placemaking. Explore the different topics of what makes healthy places and how they take shape in our lives.

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Training & Events

AALC members come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. We’ve provided statewide training and events that promote health in planning to help navigate the planning process, conduct health impact assessments, and meet other experts active in the community at the table. Stay up-to-date on events happening near you.

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