Active Transportation in Sierra Vista HIA

Location: Sierra Vista, AZ
Entities: Arizona Department of Health Services; Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization

Organization Site: N/a
Contact: N/a

The purpose of this HIA is to identify and make recommendations to maximize the potential beneficial health impacts resulting from more available non-motorized transportation facilities in Sierra Vista through a variety of projects, plans and policies which include:
• West Fry Boulevard Corridor Study
• North Garden Avenue Corridor Study
• Sidewalk Implementation Plan
• Safe Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes Plan
• Planned Update to the Sierra Vista Development Code

The Arizona Department of Health Services and the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVMPO) are conducting an HIA of several SVMPO policies and projects that support walking and biking. The HIA will focus on how increased physical activity can improve health and explore the connections between the built environment and individual and community health. Its findings will provide health-based guidance for updating the Sierra Vista Development Code, implementing SVMPO’s Safe Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes and Sidewalk Implementation plans, designing roadway projects, and drafting federal funding proposals for constructing sidewalks, bike paths, and other structures. Funded through the CDC’s Healthy Community Design Initiative.